Quality And Architecture

Years Experience

Quality System Facility

Mitutoyo Measurement Equipments
No   Machine Type
1   Roundness Tester
2   Laser Scan Micrometer
3   Surface Roughness Tester
4   Profile Projectors
5   Linear Height Gage
6   Digimatic Height Gage
7   Hardness Tester
8   Gear Tooth Micrometer
9   Black Granite Surface Plates
10   Dial Gauges
11   Vernier Calipers
12   Dial Calipers
13   Contour Measuring Contracer
14   Cordinate Measuring Machine
15   X-Ray Fluorescene Analyzer
16   Air Gage
17   Digimatic Calipers
18   Digital Micrometers
19   Micrometers

Structure & Management

Tien Po has grown in size and now has more than 1,000 employees. Among them, there are 756 production workers in the workshop, accounting for about 75% of the employees. They are the first line of production and the main force of the company. The company has 126 quality inspectors, accounting for 12% of the employees. They hold the company. The lifeline of the product; 72 technical engineers, accounting for 7% of the employees, responsible for the development of the company's products, technology upgrades; business sales of 13 people, accounting for 1% of the proportion of employees, shouldering the task of the company's business promotion, other Administrative staff, etc. 51, accounting for 5% of the staff, responsible for the operation of the company, management company.
Our Organization -approx. 1020 employees
  • Production - 75%
  • Engineering - 7%
  • Other - 5%
  • Quality Assurance - 12%
  • Sales - 1%


Define issues, customer needs and project goals, etc.


Measure key aspects of the current process and collect relevant information.


Analyze the data, seek and test the relationship between cause and effect, determine what is the relationship, and then make sure that all factors are taken into account through the investigation and find the root cause of the wreckage.


Improve and optimize the current process, based on analytical data, using different methods, such as experimental design, error prevention or error proofing, using standard work to create a new, future ideal process, and establish the ability to standardize operational processes.


Control changes the future process to ensure that any deviations from the target can be corrected to implement the control system, such as statistical process control, production board, visible work area and continuous improvement of the process.     

Lean six code management
Lean Six Code Management combines a streamlined production process, lean manufacturing that reduces waste, and a six-code management approach that focuses on reducing quality and design variations as a new approach to improving "business process optimization." Our company has started to use Lean six code management to carry out process reengineering and increase production. This is an innovative approach to the organization, from production to software development, from sales to service delivery.