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Development History

Look back at past

We were founded in Hong Kong in 1972.

At the beginning of the company's establishment, the scale was small. But adhering to the spirit of exquisite craftsmanship and craftsmanship, the company's product requirements have been refined from the very beginning, and strict quality control. Starting from the processing of traditional small hardware parts, it included the processing of supporting household appliances, toy industry, simple hardware tools, hardware parts, daily hardware, construction hardware, etc., using physical processing such as cutting. Made of various metal parts above.       

Our company carefully polishes and concentrates on every part and every process. The pursuit of excellence in product quality, meticulous pursuit of the manufacturing process, and pursuit of perfection are based on the spirit of this unique industrial production. With the continuous accumulation of processing technology, our products have been recognized by our customers and sold well in the country. The scale of the company has also grown.

Development History


Phase 1 - Begins with the simplest machining.
The manufacturing of this period mainly relies on manual operation. The company is engaged in relatively simple hardware products. The products once included daily hardware products. They are also commonly known as “small hardware”, small accessories with doors and windows, hardware hinges, buttons, screws, etc. . Although the products are simple, every employee of the company is doing every step of the work carefully, and strives for perfection of all products. For this reason, the company can win the quality of its products from the beginning of its establishment and stand out among its peers. First, it has established its own brand and laid a firm foundation for the company's development.


In 1985, our factory was set up in Shenzhen China to increase production equipment.


Phase 2 -The investment in automation equipment expanded production capacity and output.
With the continuous development of the company, the market at home and abroad has gradually opened up, and the demand for products is increasing. Traditional manual mechanical operations alone can no longer meet the needs of customers. According to the needs of development, the company gradually expands the plant area, expands the production workshop, and invests a large number of automation equipment, automatic lathes, automatic feeders, automatic cutting, stamping and other large machinery. During this period, the company's metal parts processing technology and products have been upgraded in an unprecedented amount in terms of quantity and quality.


In 1995, relocated to Dongguan. The new site consists of four three-storey buildings on 24 hectares of land.

2006 - Now

Phase 3 Develop computer numerical control technology to produce precision parts with higher technical content
The management of the company is far-sighted. In the accumulation of years of experience, it is understood that “innovative development” is the last word, and the professional field is expanding. From the production and processing of traditional household appliances and daily hardware parts to automobiles and medical care. , electronic communications and aerospace components are moving forward. Actively develop the process improvement project, integrate the processing automation, the processing technology and the use of the mold path. Produce technically rich, most professional products and more sophisticated components.


In 2006, we entered the second phase of expansion, and our production floor area increased to 400,000 square feet.

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