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Interconnect with Swage-mount PCB Pins

  • 23 June, 2017

Mill-Max is adding six new offerings for interconnect applications to its line of swage-mount printed circuit board pins. These swage-mount terminals are designed to be mechanically fastened to a board or panel and plugged into sockets, or soldered into mating boards for interconnect configurations such as board stacking.

Often thought of as wire-to-board soldering terminals and test points, or as hardware such as PCB standoffs, swage pins can also be used for board-to-board interconnects. They are cost-effective thanks to their simple design, do not require the level of PCB hole precision associated most press-fit pins, and can be processed in volume with automatic or semi-automatic equipment. Swage assembly, in which pin terminals are mechanically fastened to a circuit board, is similar in style to riveting. After the pins are swaged, they are soldered to provide a connection that is both robust mechanically, and reliable electrically.

Swaged pins take up relatively little space and are secure without the need of an insulator. They can be used when space is limited, such as near the edge of a board where a connector with housing is not an option.

Various diameters and lengths are available to suit a variety of interconnect applications. Longer pins can be used for overcoming the height of taller board components (large capacitors, transformers, power supplies, potentiometers) to connect to a module such as a daughter card; the low profile 4658-0 can be used on boards which are primarily surface mount-technology, to minimize the overall stacked board assembly height.

Here's a specs rundown for the six new offerings:

All the pins are high-speed precision turned from brass alloys, and annealed to prevent cracking during swaging. Standard plating is matte tin over nickel; other options are available upon request.

Source:Electronics 360

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