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A rigid machine platform and the right CNC promise to reduce stackup error and cycle times for both established gear-making operations and new players. Gear manufacturing is less exclusive than…
Mill-Max is adding six new offerings for interconnect applications to its line of swage-mount printed circuit board pins. These swage-mount terminals are designed to be mechanically fastened to a board…
导读: 在经历了市场长期的磨砺与发展后,逐渐演变成覆盖我国市场的主导力量,减速机显现出震撼世界的活力。作为工业机器人最核心的功能部件,减速机在整个机器人制造成本中占到33%~38%。当前工业机器人领域方兴未艾,销量节节攀涨,对减速机潜在需求逐年攀升。
导读: 宾夕法尼亚大学的Timothy Simpson教授曾在TED演讲中展示过一个通过3D打印与机加工结合加工出来的复杂精密零件,这个零件是宾夕法尼亚大学的CIMP 3D打印中心、Imperial机床工具公司以及一家工业合作伙伴共同完成的。

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