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Leading technique

Leading technique

For precision parts, the company is very strict in processing, refined processing, cutting and other processes, and the technology adopted is also in the forefront of the industry. Using finite element method, fracture mechanics, elastic fluid dynamic lubrication, optimization design, reliability design, computer aided design (CAD), solid modeling, system analysis and design methodology, etc., gradually used in the research and design of mechanical parts .

Equipment & capabilities

Machine Type

Processing Range


CNC Turning (Turret)



CNC Turning (Swiss type)



CNC Machining Center

650 x 400 x 460


CAM Turning (Auto lathe)




Automated feeding

Our equipment can automatically carry out the feeding operation according to the specified requirements and the established procedures, and accurately complete the input and return of various materials such as pellets, sheet materials and metal rods.

Automated full inspection

Automatically detect the exact values of each system, making the product processing process more integrated and automated. The staff reduced 94% of the production capacity by 97% and the quality pass rate reached 100%.  

Special processing machine

The special plane is equipped with a variety of single-part special planes and a number of advanced CNC special planes to make the products more stable and quality guaranteed, which guarantees the customer's product demand and product delivery time.

Design and development tools

Self-developed special tool holders, simplifying the tool path, allowing the combined process (9 processes into 2 processes), changing the way of relying on standard tools in the past.

The company has been investing in the independent research and development of cutting tools and the improvement of cutting tools. The R&D department has continuously developed different special tools in response to special structures and high-precision parts, and continuously improved the turning tools, milling cutters and knives. The development of granules and other tools adopts simpler and more stable cutting path processing to ensure the processing precision and quality of the products.      

In the research and development of cutting tools, we have always insisted on organizing workshop technicians, technicians and technical workers to participate in the examination and design of tool mechanism design, and fully review and discuss, and make multiple trials and trials on the design of the tool, and timely feedback the actual situation, and finally confirmed by the technical staff of the R&D department. We firmly believe that through the layers of checks, we will be able to experience the best quality! 

Process consolidation

The combination of one-time machining of CNC machine tools reduces the risk of manpower (turnaround and clamping) errors by more than 69% and reduces material loss by up to 80%, thus reducing working hours, increasing delivery speed and reducing costs.

Using new software & hardware

The company has been heavily involved in the reference and development of new software and hardware. Equipped with 1,970 advanced machinery and equipment, continuous pragmatic reforms.

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